Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An Elephant Never Forgets....

Oopsy! It slipped my mind that I actually started a blog a couple of months ago. My apologies! :)

Since my last post a lot has happened. This past May I took a P.E. class that was mandatory (I've been putting it off for a couple of years now). Our wonderful teacher made us run at every meeting (blah). But I have kept it up for 3 whole months so far, YAY ME! I also purchased some new kicks, which I love. Nike Free-Run+ are the best workout/running shoe ever; however, the shoes do not have a "tongue". If you're not into that, you'll probably hate them.

I also started my journey in the education program at Emmanuel College a couple of weeks ago, which I love! Only three more semesters to go until I will be a certified Elementary School teacher, yippee!! Matt took a job at East Jackson High School in Commerce where he is now a co-teacher for Economics and U.S. History. I'm glad he can put up with rude 11th and 12th graders because I sure couldn't. :-) He is also head JV basketball, assistant varsity basketball, and cross country coach; in other words I never see him. However, it is a great opportunity! It will be hard staying neutral through basketball season, though. Matt will be coached against his baby brother, and it is his senior year playing! A lot of other exciting things are going on, my friend Sommer got hitched :) a couple of weekends ago, my little cousin Emaleigh's writing got chosen to be published, and my sweet cousin Nikki is getting married in a little over a month. AHHH, so many wonderful things are happening! Arrivederci (for now), blog world!